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So You Want to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency...Big or Small?

Agency. big or small agency. Stick with us. It’s Monday…we know.

A while back we did a blog on "Why You Should Take Your Small Business Digital" . Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of choosing a small digital marketing agency over the big guys.

Size Means Nothing

Have you ever purchased a package of those jumbo strawberries from the grocery store? They’re hug and bright red and look delicious. You think about snacking on them the whole way home. You get home and take the biggest one out of the package and take a huge bite only to find out that it tastes like water. They’re beautiful, but they are underwhelming with flavor.

It can be tempting to source the biggest, baddest, agency you can find. They work with the big-name companies like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Tide, Samsung, Apple, etc., so they must be awesome at what they do, right? Just because they are bigger in size and charge more for their services does not mean that they will be the best choice for your brand. Just like the underwhelming strawberry from before, the big guys can struggle with providing an intimate and ‘flavorful’ product. Not because they don’t want to, but because they have so many clients on their roster and so much content, reports, etc., to pump out that they may not (and usually don’t) have the time to really get to know your brand and love your brand the way you do.

The smaller agencies have less clients on their roster, yes. They are the smaller strawberry. The juicy and flavorful one that gives you that summer loving feel the first time you take a bite. When you hire a smaller agency, you can be assured that your brand will get the love that it deserves because we will give your business and your brand image the same love and attention that we give our own. The content created for your brand will be flavorful and specific to your brand without being ‘the same as everyone else’ or watered down. We want you to succeed because your success is our success.


Bigger agencies that possess larger overhead and bigger clients’ rosters rarely have the flexibility to adapt and adjust to the ebbs and flows that come with campaign management – they just don’t have time to give each of their clients the care and attention that they deserve. A smaller agency can adapt on the fly meaning we adjust campaigns/content as needed because we treat your brand as our own. We care about your brand and keeping a close eye on your campaigns can mean saved money for you when the appropriate changes are made immediately rather than waiting for the report at the end of the week/month.

Budget Friendly

To a bigger agency, the money you give them is just another dollar in their pocket. To a smaller agency, every dollar is a cause for a happy dance – and we love to happy dance. The big agencies are also pretty set with their prices with little to no wiggle room. While the smaller agencies have set prices for their services, they are also more likely to sit down with you and come up with a plan that fits your budget.

In Conclusion

When you are making your decision about the type of digital marketing agency to hire the important thing is that you make the best decision for your brand. Really investigate the agency. Ask for their portfolio and certifications. Ask for their price list and find out if they offer customized services based on your budget. Ask them who will be working on your content/campaigns (more people are not always better). Ask to see examples of their successes and ask them about their failures or areas that they feel they are weaker in. The more information that you can get, the easier it will be to make your decision. Also, trust your gut. If you don’t get the vibe that the company, you’re talking to can do justice for your brand, then politely walk away, and go find a smaller agency that will suit your needs.

Besides, if you’re lucky. You just might get to see us happy dance.


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