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Three Tips to Keep Your Digital Marketing Content from Sucking Big Time

Having a killer content marketing strategy is really important to your brand, but what will that strategy do for you if your content sucks? Quality content is king when it comes to promoting your brand and getting the results that you want from your online presence and your digital marketing campaigns. However, there are ways you can royally hurt your brand if you don't take the time and consideration required to ensure that content you are producing doesn't suck.

What is considered "good" content in digital marketing?

Whether it's educational, entertainment, or even customer support, your content needs to bring value to the people - whether they are your customers or not. Good content can be so many different things. It all depends on your brand and what you want to get across to your customers. At the end of the day, good content will be the difference between you being a rookie in your industry or transforming you and your brand into a thought leader and/or household name.

Let's take a look at how easy it can be to create good content.

Tip One: Be Original. Be You. Be Your Brand. Be Unique.

Just like we tried to achieve in high-school, it is important to be original - be you. No one else is you. No one else is your brand, but what makes you (your brand) different? What makes you (your brand) stand out?

Which one of the below articles are you more likely to read based on the title only?

"10 Best Places to Eat in Norfolk County"


"10 Best Patios to Get Your Chill on this Summer in Norfolk County"

The second one, right? It's specific. It's unique. It's original. With a title like that, the content written in that blog could be exactly the same as what's written under the first title, but the second title will get more clicks and more reads because it's interesting and unique and it sounds like the writer loves their job, loves the place that they live and likely put a lot of thought, energy and love into what they wrote. THAT'S what the people want.

Tip Two: Image/Graphic Quality

How many times have you been scrolling the internet or social media and seen an image trying to promote something and you've had to stop and ask what it is that they are promoting? Or maybe the image is blurry, unreadable, or haphazardly put together. Or maybe it's just the same boring pictures you see every time you scroll by that business.

You don't have to be a graphic designer these days in order to make quality images/graphics for your business. Canva is a great program for beginners that has premade templates and even a free version for those that aren't ready to take the pro account step. It's so easy to use my Mom can use it (love you, Mom!).

Say you're a real estate agent and your promoting a home on your social media pages. Sure, posting pictures of the homes you have just listed is nice, but with a little time spent in Canva, or by hiring a quality content creator like Dreamweaver Digital Marketing Services, your images can go from this:

Grey house with green trees
Blah...So Boring.

To This:

Home Listing with realtor information
Whoa! So cool! How'd you do that?!

All you have to do is upload and then drag and drop your images into the graphic. Nice and easy, catches the eye way more, promotes your business, gives the important information, but with a properly included link in your well-written and properly hash tagged post description you will see more people click through to your website to check out the rest of the listing. ( through rates = a KPI to track to ensure you're getting the right results from your posts/campaigns)

Tip Three: Stick With It!

Having great content will boost your brand confidence as well as organic and paid click through rates. I can guarantee it. However, it's a long-term effort. You can't expect to put out one article whenever you feel like it, or only post randomly to your social media pages and think that you are going to get the exposure that you want for your brand. You need to be consistent with your posting as well as produce quality content in order to get the results that you want for your brand long-term.

How can you ensure that you have good content if you don't want to (or can't) spend the time to create it?

The simplest answer: Hire Dreamweaver Digital Marketing & Virtual Admin Services. That's what we're here for. To create great content for your brand that will help you stand out in your industry while ensuring that we track the results and efficacy of every post and campaign. We are artists at Dreamweaver. We create great visual/educational content and our research skills are top notch. Digital Marketing is the game and we are your golden player so put us in, Coach!


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