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What to Post When You’re Just Not Feeling It

We all have those days. Those days where you wake up and you just know it’s going to be a struggle to get basic tasks done for your business and/or family without the added pressures of coming up with what to post on your social media channels. That can be a lot of pressure for a business owner to handle during busy times, lazy times (we all have them, no judgement here), when you are just fresh out of ideas, or even burnt out.

It's ok to need to take a break. So to help you out, Dreamweaver has come up with a list of quick and easy things you can post when you’re feeling the pressure to keep consistent on your social media channels.

1. Food Posts.

Everyone loves a good food post. Post content about what you had for breakfast, what you’re planning for supper, a recipe that you want to try, or even just what you put in your morning coffee to keep you going on days when the “blah” monster hits. Food posts are always a crowd pleaser.

2. Give a TRUSTED friend access to your accounts for the day.

Let them guest post on your page, tag their own pages, and introduce you to their followers. Teaming up with another brand – even if it’s nothing to do with your own, but still follows the brand image that you want to portray, can help get you the views you need to grow your audience. Sometimes, it really is about who you know.

3. Recycle Content.

I really can’t say this enough. Take old blog posts, videos, or images and recycle them. Maybe you need to fix up a few facts here or there or maybe your graphic design skills have really grown, and you want to show off what you can do now versus when you posted the first time. Recycling content is not a bad thing, in fact every brand does it, so it’s ok for you to do the same.

4. Data and Infographics.

Who doesn’t love a good fun fact or infographic? Especially if it’s something interesting to you, to your followers or just something that is currently being talked about in the media. You can easily create a quick quote style graphic or generally find an article or premade infographic to share on your page. Just make sure you give credit where credit due, so the plagiarism police don’t come after you.

5. Don’t post. #JoinTheConversation instead.

Get your doom scrolling on while you sip your coffee and like/comment/share other brand’s posts using your company page. Just be careful that you are only interacting where you want your business’s name to be.

Alternatively, you can whip a quick “It’s National ________ Day” post together and add a call to action to find out what your followers are doing for that day. There’s a fun “national day” for every day of the year so there’s no lack of content to be found there!

6. Business Updates and/or the truth about how you are feeling.

A quick post to your followers to let them know you’re still there can be all that’s required or needed. If you decide to share how you’re feeling because maybe it’s your mental health that’s got you down, or your family is going through something, you just might find support in your followers that you need. Being “real” is good for your brand, it’s ok to show what your reality is from time to time.

Even professional creators, like myself, suffer from burn out. If you think you are headed for burnout, then don’t forget to stop by our blog titled Digital Marketing and Creative Burnout to learn what you can do to avoid, prevent or address your own creative burnout.

What can you do if you still don’t feel up to posting on your social channels?

At the end of the day, if you need a break from posting, take one. Forcing content will result in not-so-great content and you don’t want to be putting that out there. Alternatively, if you find yourself too busy to keep up with your social media channels or maybe social media just is not your thing and you dread doing it, but you know the importance of it for your business, that’s when you contact Dreamweaver Digital Marketing Services and we come up with a plan to support your business where you need it most.


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