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Why Should You Take Your Small Business Digital?

Having a “brick and mortar” presence is not the only place that your business should be actively engaging with your customers. Did you know that only 46% of American small business have an online presence? If there is anything that COVID-19 and the age of social distancing has taught us it’s that most businesses can be run online.

Digital Marketer working from home.
No masks needed here!

Businesses can effectively and efficiently take some of the financial pressures off their small business by making the switch to (or at least establishing) an online presence. Fifty-six percent of small business owners that use online tools say that their business makes at least half of its sales digitally. In a report done by Deloitte, it was found that 22% of small businesses reported reduced operating costs by establishing an online presence and using the digital tools available to them, while a whopping 70% reported revenue growth that could also be attributed to those same online tools.

An online presence opens your business up to a wider target market. This means that those Mom-And-Pop stores that you might only find once a year at a farmer’s market are able to promote, sell, and ship their products world-wide. That same online presence will build their brand loyalty and increase revenue substantially because now their customers don’t have to physically come to them to get the products they love. The products come right to their doorstep. They can follow the shop for new releases and get quicker customer support through a website or social media which, in turn, will only amp up their overall positive experience with the brand boosting that loyalty sky high. What business doesn’t want that?

Well, that’s up to you. You have two choices: you can hire Dreamweaver to consult for your business or you can take stab at establishing your online presence on your own and then hire Dreamweaver when you start feeling overwhelmed. Either way, Dreamweaver is here for you and only a quick message away.

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