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Digital Marketing and Hashtag Research: Check Your #Hashtags Before Posting

Hashtags are found on pretty much every social posting that you come across. Hashtags (#) are used before a relevant keyword or phrase in posts to categorize those posts and help those posts to show up in searches. Clicking or tapping on a hashtagged word in any social post that you find them in will show you other posts that include that hashtag.

Where can hashtags be found in posts?

Sometimes you will find hashtags littered throughout a post, other times you will find just a block of hashtags at the bottom of the post. Where are they found depends on the platform you are on.

For example, if you are on Twitter, you are more likely to see them throughout the post as there is a 280 character limit to your post.

If you are on Facebook or LinkedIn you are more likely to see them at the end of the post description as the posts read easier that way.

When it comes to using hashtags, and I cannot stress this enough, check before you hashtag. It is incredibly important to your brand that you do hashtag research before using any hashtags. Even the most innocent looking hashtag can be misinterpreted or used 'at the wrong time' and your business will get all kind of negative attention that you don't want or need.

What happens if I don't do any hashtag research before posting?

One of the most well-known examples of this mistake being made was in September of 2014, when DiGiorno Pizza used the WhyIStayed hashtag in on their posts. They were referring simply that they stayed somewhere because that place/person had pizza. However, that hashtag was trending at the time as a way for domestic abuse victims to share their stories. By not taking ten seconds to click on that hashtag before using it to find out exactly why it was trending, DiGiorno made a huge mistake and then that to issue a prompt apology.

DiGiorno's mistake ended up making them take a three week break from Twitter in order to contain the chaos caused by their mistakenly used hashtag. Taking that break meant their new follower rates stalled entirely. However, the brand got lucky and was able to male a full comeback after that. Your brand might not get as lucky. So again, I must remind you, check your hashtags before you post.

Can Dreamweaver Digital Marketing Services help with your hashtag research/development?

At the end of the day, taking 5 minutes to click on that hashtag and read a few posts that are related could save your brand, and you, a lot of headaches. It can also keep you apprised of the current trends and goings-on in the world that you might not know about otherwise.

While it's ok to be funny or use witty humor in your posts online, it is also very important that you make sure you aren't poking fun in a way that can have the morality of your brand put in question. At the very least it could result in a reprimand or being fired or, and in the worst case scenario, your entire business could go under.

Bigger brands have certain team members whose jobs it is to research hashtags and catch trends. They will even develop their own hashtag(s) that are specific to their brand - something that Dreamweaver can help you do for your brand, all you have to do is ask.

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