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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2022

It’s almost a wrap in 2021, and we are barreling towards a new year with some trends to watch for in the digital marketing universe. We are completely onboard for some of these trends (the digital marketing world is constantly changing) and some we are not so sure about. Let’s take a look and give you a glimpse into what we will be taking into consideration when putting together your digital marketing strategy for your business in 2022.

1. The Metaverse

Meta, formally known as “Facebook”, will be an important thing to keep an eye on through the year. Metaverse (a term used to refer to virtual and augmented experiences) will have a huge impact on the future of the web as we know it. What does this mean for marketers like us? It’s a whole new world to explore and we should start looking for opportunity to connect with target markets in these spaces. The idea of virtual and augmented realities/experiences can be overwhelming for a lot of people – especially clients/businesses that were just starting to get the hang of marketing as things are now. That’s where we come in as digital marketing professionals. We are here to gather information and ease our clients into this new world. It doesn’t have to be scary if you have the right team in place.

2. SEO is Dead.

We DO NOT agree with this. At all. We are on board with the Search Engine Journal when they say that “SEO is the most viable and cost-effective way to both understand and reach customers in key moments that matter.” We will dive deeper into the importance of SEO in another blog in the new year, but for now let’s leave this topic with this statement: SEO builds trust and credibility for your brand. Without that trust and credibility in your niche the quality and authority of your brand will be on shaky ground. A firm foundation is set with the proper SEO strategy. SEO should never be overlooked.

3. Influencers Are Where It’s at For B2B and B2C Marketing

The influencer market is on it’s way to reaching $13.8 billion in 2021 and is slated to continue this impressive growth through 2022. If you have a TikTok account, you have most likely seen influencers in their natural habitat as you scroll endlessly while hiding from your kids in the bathroom. It’s not just us that do that, right? Right. It’s important to note that every business, no matter how big or small, can take advantage of influencers. Influencers do not have to be people like Taylor Swift or Beyonce (although that would be sweet and a huge dream for Dreamweaver). Influencers can be well established and well-known members of your community. The New York Times has lovingly dubbed this group as “Nanoinfluencers”, not to be confused with microinfluencers. Nanoinfluencers typically have less than a thousand followers on social media, but because of their smaller size people tend to trust the brands they boost even more because it feels more like a recommendation from a friend. We challenge you to reach out to your community influencers and see what happens – then let us know the results!

4. Your Website MUST be Fully Mobile Optimized

We think this goes without saying, but we will say it again: your website needs to be mobile friendly, or your customer experience will tank. Going into 2022, mobile website traffic will continue to rise so ensuring that your mobile website is clean, fast, and easily traversed is of upmost importance.

5. Don’t Let Your Business Suffer from Omnichannel Burnout

A lot of businesses think that they need to have a presence everywhere to reach their target market(s). This is simply not true. While omnichannel marketing is important, a wise woman once said: “it’s better to be present on fewer channels and have amazing content, than to be present on all of them and put out crappy content.” (Thanks, Tammy!) Focusing on total domination on one or two channels will do way more for your user experience than attempting (and failing) to dominate on them all.

6. Content Marketing Remains Important

We will see a shift from traditional content to more personalized content that offers users a new experience. Interactive content will come to the forefront as the preferred content. Posting interactive content like quizzes, polls, augmented reality ads etc., are continually growing in popularity in the digital marketing universe.

7. A Firm Foundation for Your Brand is Still the Most Important Aspect of Your Business

Just like in all relationships a firm foundation is the best ground on which to build your future. We have all heard of the overnight success stories, but truth be told, it didn’t happen over night at all. It likely took months or even years of hard work for that business to break into the market. Ensuring that your business has the right foundation (startup marketing) is important but can also be a bit of a balancing act between multiple factors. Finding that sweet spot for your business will be the difference between success and failure.

As always, you do not have to do this alone. Dreamweaver is here to help, and we are only a quick message or email away. Seriously…drop us a message. We don’t bite and we like to make new friends!


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