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How Important is the Design of Your Business Logo?

You already know the answer to that question: logos are VERY important to every business. Your logo is the first thing that every customer or client will see when they are looking for your business. Your logo is the "face" of your company and is what sets your company apart from your competitors.

Your logo's design needs to be appropriate, eye catching and memorable, but also engaging and simple. A logo that is well-designed will represent the capability of your company, so you need to get it right the first time.

What needs to be considered when creating a logo for your company?

Colour, font, what your company does, competitor logos, your target audience and your budget. You also want to make sure that if you have a coloured logo that it looks good in black and white as you will find many instances where you need to use a black or white version of your logo instead of the coloured version.

How much does logo design cost?

Logo design costs can vary depending on the designers experience, complexity and company size. Depending on who you hire, logo design services can cost anywhere from $50 - $1000+.

Designer experience affects the cost of your logo design for obvious reasons - the more experienced graphic designer that you hire, the more they charge for their services. If you're going to hire your friend's, mom's, aunt's, second cousin twice removed to design your logo and they're only experienced using a rock slab and might want to reconsider your choice of logo designer. (Dreamweaver can help.)

Complexity affects the cost of your logo because if you're looking for a stylized version of your company name, that's quick and easy to pull together for most designers. If there is a lot of research and back and forth conversation that needs to go into designing a more complex logo for your company, then the cost will go up.

Company size affects the cost of your logo because the bigger the company, the more complexity and quality is expected in the final product. There is usually months of time put into large company logo redesigns and that time has to be paid to the designer. Smaller companies, while quality is still important, are unlikely to need months of time to design a logo and you'll find that most decent quality logo designers can pull together a logo worth showing off in a matter of a few hours.

But, important is a good logo?

Well, let's take a look at the 2012 London Summer Olympics logo.

Did you see it?

Creating a logo for the Olympics is a dream come true for most graphic designers. This logo was created by Wolff Olins and is supposed to depict the year '2012' in pink and yellow with London and the Olympic logo overlaid. The colours pink and yellow were chosen to bring the feeling of energy and excitement that is associated with the summer Olympic games. This logo was met with a lot of side eyes and straight up scrutiny of the design. This design was seen as a very “80s/90s” design and if you look at it a little too long…well...once you see it you can’t not see it and, no, it’s not a young girl sitting at a computer.

This mistake is exactly why putting a lot of thought into your logo design matters and why you should hire a professional, or at least consult with one, before finalizing your design and printing it on everything under the sun. Always remember: two sets of eyes on a design are better than one.

Dreamweaver can help ensure that your business does not make this kind of mistake when picking/creating the logo for your company. Dreamweaver will create a logo that speaks to your company's brand and culture and it will be a logo that you will be proud to have represent your company.

Dreamweaver also offers consulting services...just in case you want a second set of eyes to make sure you're putting your best image forward.

Are you looking to have a logo designed for your business or have your business's logo redesigned?

Dreamweaver Digital Marketing Services can help! Graphic design is a passion and when it comes to your business's logo: your wish is our command! So send us a message today and let's get started designing the logo of your dreams for your company.

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