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Ten Tips to Help You Break Your Writer’s Block

Writer's block happens to many writers at many points during their writing careers. It can even happen to content writers. It's frustrating and can leave you feeling stressed, upset and even aggravated. For some, writer's block can get so stressful that they consider changing careers. There are ways you can avoid and break writer's block so, before you go throwing out your pens or chucking your laptop out a window, let's see if we can find a way to break your writer's block.

Tip Number One: Get Some Fresh Air.

Grab your dog, a friend or just step outside by yourself. Take a big breath of the fresh air and slowly let it out. Go for a walk. Fresh air brings clarity to your brain, helps you think, focus and concentrate. Plus, a little exercise never hurt anyone.

Tip Number Two: Talk to A Friend or Colleague.

Ever heard the phrase two brains are better than one? That can be true when it comes to defeating writer’s block.

Seek out a friend or colleague and describe what you are trying to write about and then let them ask some questions. By focusing more on having a conversation your brain will forget you are trying to write and before long you'll know what direction your headed with your article/blog/content.

Tip Number Three: Give Yourself a Time Limit (Pomodoro Technique)

Set a timer on your phone for 15-30 minutes (or however long you want) and write about anything. Even if it’s not what you need to be writing about, just sit and write. Sometimes forcing that door open just a little bit will have it flying open and the creative juices flowing in no time at all. If your timer goes off and you are still feeling block, it’s time for a break. Move on to something else or just walk away for awhile.

Tip Number Four: Read Something

Writers often get inspiration from reading other’s work. Sit down for 10 – 15 minutes with your beverage of choice and read something by a writer that you find inspirational. By doing this, you will find your mind shifting into writing gear and it’ll be easier for you to get back to your own writing.

Tip Number Five: Set Up Your Workspace for You

Your workspace needs to be an inviting, calm and quiet space. Make sure your writing area is a designated area that you decorate to your style. Have all your writing utensils within reach and ensure the area around you is decluttered and organized. Consider setting up your space in a room with a door to shut out noise from roommates/kids/family.

If the quiet is too quiet, try turning on some music, nature sounds or white noise to help alleviate the silence a little.

Tip Number Six: Move to Another Space

Sometimes our brains just need a change of scenery. Move outside. Go to the library or a café. Just changing your location might be all you need to jump start your creative brain.

Tip Number Seven: Work on Something Else

If you can’t force it, don’t force it. Maybe today isn’t the day to be writing about that topic. Pick a different one or move to a different section of that topic.

Tip Number Eight: Do Something Other Than Writing

Household chores. Cooking. Baking. Play a game. If you stop focusing on the writing task at hand you just might find the words while you are doing something else.

Tip Number Nine: Face Your Fear and Be Ok with Failure

If you go into your writing task thinking that you are going to fail, you will. Writer’s block can be triggered by our fear of failure so it’s important that to remember that making mistakes and errors is human and you will make them. Your goal should not be to write the perfect article. Your first goal is to write a draft that can then be edited into a quality article. Rough drafts are rough, but even flowers can grow in the mud.

Tip Number Ten: Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t beat yourself up because your have writer’s block. Be kind to yourself. The harder you are on yourself the harder it will be to overcome the block. Have faith, take a break, it will come back, promise.

Dreamweaver Can Help!

If all else fails, Dreamweaver Digital Marketing Services is here to help. As an experienced Content Writer, there’s no topic that we can’t handle. So, send us a message today with the topic that is driving you crazy and let us work our magic.

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