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Trends to Consider in Your 2023 Digital Marketing Strategy

The world of digital marketing is ever changing. That can make it feel overwhelming at times because there is always something new coming at you everywhere you look. So where should your company focus its attention going into the new year?

That’s a great question. So, let’s look at some of the digital marketing trends heading into 2023.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is no longer just for make-up, jewelry, and clothing industries. Every industry has, and always has had, influencers. Influencers provide endorsements of products or services to their followers and because they are seen as someone with expert knowledge and hold a lot of trust within their communities, consumers are more likely to purchase the product or service that the influencer is promoting. The bigger the following the influencer has the more it may cost for them to become an influencer for your company/brand. However, with strategic research you can find influencers that are just starting out that may be willing to collaborate for a fraction of the cost of the more well-known influencers. This group is commonly referred to as 'micro-influencers'.

The benefit of influencer marketing is increased engagement from consumers, getting your content spread further across other marketing channels, and reaching new audiences that you would not otherwise reach on your own. Influencer marketing can boost your SEO, give your brand credibility, and last, but not least, influencer marketing is one of the best ways to appeal to the newer generation (Gen Z).

The downside to influencer marketing is that it can take time to build those relationships with the influencers. They are not likely to promote your brand until they get to know you (it’s kind of like internet dating only B2B style). Before you start working with an influencer make sure you do your due diligence and investigate them. There is nothing worse than paying for someone to boost your brand image only to have it look fake and end up hurting your brand instead.

Social Media for Customer Service

Yes. Social media is more often being used for customer service than ever before. Think about it – how many times do you log into your social media and see someone complain about a product or service they received and then see that brand reach out to make it better in the comments? Or, think about how many times you have been desperately trying to find a phone number to contact a company about something and you find their social media instead, message them and you’re able to talk to someone almost right away?

Using social media for customer service is a marketing trend that is worth getting on board with. Especially because it is the way that the Gen Z population is choosing to communicate with brands over more traditional methods like phone calls or even emails. In a recent consumer trend survey done by Hubspot, it was found that 20% of Gen Z and 25% of millennials have contacted a brand on social media for customer service in the last three months. With Gen Z making up 30% of the world’s population and millennials coming in at 23% of the world’s population, it is very important to be able to connect with these demographics in the way(s) that they prefer to communicate.

The Metaverse and AR/VR

Don’t run away. It’s not that scary, but it is important to keep an eye on the Metaverse because it is a digital marketing trend that is going to grow in popularity over the next few years. VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are seeing a slow, but inevitable takeover in the world of digital marketing. Some big brands already have their toes in the water when it comes to AR/VR and there are even some schools experimenting with offering classes this way as well. Access to AR/VR and the Metaverse will mean that everyone across the world will have equal access to any brand, educational institution, experiences, and family members as if they were there in person.

Right now, the problem lies with the pricing of the equipment which is just too much for some brands to afford. However, continuing to learn about the Metaverse, AR and VR is important because eventually it will be the preferred way of communication and interaction between consumers and brands, and thus a very important component to your digital marketing strategy.


Short form videos like TikToks, Reels and even YouTube Shorts have taken over as one of the preferred ways that the newer generations are getting their information. However, you’ve got about 7-30 seconds to win their attention, or your content will just be scrolled past.

The same will be true for text communication (ie. Your social media descriptions). Brands will need to learn how to keep things short and sweet or they will just be scrolled past. Time is a valuable thing to many people and if they need to click the three little dots at the end of your post to keep reading, chances are, they won’t.

When should you start thinking about your 2023 digital marketing strategy?

Now. Plan ahead to make your new year as easy as possible. Planning your digital marketing strategy in advance will free up time to do what you do best: run your business.

What if you don’t know how to create a digital marketing strategy?

Well, you are reading the right blog then because Dreamweaver Digital Marketing & Virtual Admin Services can help you create a digital marketing strategy that will make the new year brighter and take a whole lot of stress off your shoulders.

Dreamweaver Digital Marketing Services can create your digital marketing strategy, design templates for social media posts, manage your social media posts, monitor the success of your posts with analytics, help you design your website and so much more!

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