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Virtual Admins - Not Just for Businesses

Yup. I said it. Virtual Admins are not just useful to businesses. They can also be useful to families, moms, dads, grandparents, dogs, cats….ok, maybe not the last two, but they might just reap the rewards of their families hiring a Virtual Admin.

Let’s face it, we all have tasks that we DETEST doing. Either because we know we don’t have the time (something that all families consistently lack) or we know we just aren’t good at it. That’s ok! Sometimes we all need help. Just like hiring a babysitter to watch the kids when you need a night away, hiring a Virtual Admin means those tasks that we just don’t have time for or the know-how to complete will get done quickly and efficiently.

There are many ways a Virtual Admin can help your family. These are some of the most popular ways I have helped other families with their to-do lists.

  • Document/Card Creation: It can be so frustrating trying to create your own Christmas family newsletter, photobooks, family letter heads, cards, family information packages, charts, family rule posters, care instructions, etc. Sometimes you want things to look a certain way, but then you find out you must pay extra for that feature in that app just to get the design that you like. It can be hard to justify paying a monthly or even one time fee for something you might only use one time. Or maybe you are just not skilled with anything computer related. Your Virtual Admin will have access to a whole host of programs and editing software to bring your ideas to reality without you having to pay extra fees for software.

  • Scheduling: It’s amazing how much a well thought out and set up calendar can help with the daily goings on of a family. You do not have to just use the calendars that come on your phone. There are apps you can get for free or for a monthly/yearly fee that will help you to organize your entire family life. Setting these up properly so that everyone has access and knows what to do can be overwhelming and time consuming for busy parents, but your Virtual Admin can help.

  • Event Planning: Some people are rockstars at this and some love the party, but not the planning. Your Virtual Admin can help you coordinate any special event your family is planning. They can research venues, manage guest lists, coordinate catering, research, and book entertainment, and more. Event planners are not just for weddings, but they can be pricey. Hiring a Virtual Admin lets you control what you want to do while outsourcing other tasks. You might only need a couple hours of help from your Virtual Admin (who you can pay hourly) vs. having to hire an event planner for an entire event (which could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars).

  • Travel Planning: Your Virtual Admin can save you time, money, and a whole lot of headaches by doing all (or some) of the planning for your trip(s).

  • Project Management: A Virtual Admin can help you manage many home projects like researching renovation companies and costs, scheduling home repairs, etc.

  • General Research: Your Virtual Admin can save you so much time in this area. A skilled Virtual Admin can turn research projects into an hour of work where it might take you days. Your Virtual Admin can help you research care providers, household appliances, gift ideas, local events, and activities and so much more. Your research is being completed while you get to enjoy time with your family, or time to yourself, which is just as important.

Life can be crazy and that can mean that tasks can be left behind, forgotten, or not done with enough attention and detail that it deserved leaving you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and possibly having to redo what you already did. Your Virtual Admin will bridge that gap for you. Allowing you to relax and know that your tasks are being completed with every attention to detail that they deserve.

So, do you need some items taken off your plate? Look no further. Dreamweaver can help.


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